Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter in the Blue Mountains

Mid June in Leura, the chill and damp juxtaposed with gorgeous bright frosty mornings. The last remnants of the perennial borders, cut back, mulched with leaf litter and put to rest for the winter. Autumn’s chores finally completed and a gardener’s mind turns to catalogues and with them, the promise of what could be in Spring and Summer.

While the visitors huddle around the open fires and the warm hospitality of Leura’s interiors, the gardener’s spirit will always draw one outdoors. An expedition into the crisp winter air that will reward with the exquisite perfume of Daphne, Witchhazel, Woodbine, and Wintersweet. Camellias, with their sumptuous flowers and on closer inspection, nodding Hellebore flowers, with their multitude of subtle intricacies of form and colour. Clumps of snowdrops with their simple and almost pure form and bright yellow winter Aconites all combine to delight the senses of the gardener during this contemplative season.

So slip into those gumboots, don a warm coat, wrap on a scarf, step outside and wander, your effort will be rewarded.

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